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Washington DC

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Washington DC requires motorists to carry a certain amount of auto insurance including the following: $10 thousand in property damage liability, $25 thousand per person in third-party liability, $50 thousand per accident in third-party liability, $25 thousand per person uninsured motorist bodily injury, $50 thousand per accident uninsured motorist coverage, and $5 thousand in uninsured motorist property damage coverage (subject to a $200 deductible). This is the legally required amount of auto insurance in Washington Dc, but drivers are encouraged to purchase additional coverage to protect themselves financially.

At all times, you must carry proof of your active Washington DC auto insurance policy. If a police officer pulls you over, or if you are involved in an accident, you will be required to present your driver's license, registration and proof of valid insurance. Proof of Washington DC auto insurance should be in the form of a card issued by your insurance company. This insurance company issued card should include your policy number, your name (or the name of the insured party), and the effective dates of coverage. If you cannot provide proof of insurance, you will be given a citation by the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). This law applies to any individual who drives in Washington DC; where the car was registered or where the driver's license was issued is irrelevant.

Your Washington DC auto insurance must be maintained as long as your vehicle is registered. Drivers who allow their insurance to lapse will be penalized with fines. If you are turning in your vehicle tags, make sure you do so before you cancel your insurance policy. The Department of Motor Vehicles will issue a receipt for the return of your license plates. Once you receive this receipt, you are free to cancel your insurance on the registered vehicle.

Protect yourself legally and financially by obtaining at least the minimum amount of Washington DC auto insurance. You may also consider purchasing additional insurance, such as collision and comprehensive coverage. Medical and property damage expenses can add up quickly, make sure that you have enough DC auto insurance to protect your assets. Our site is designed to help you find the insurance coverage you need at an affordable rate. Please take advantage of our quote comparisons to find the policy you want.

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