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Affirmative Insurance Services is a subsidiary of Affirmative Insurance Holdings, Inc. Affirmative specializes in non-standard automobile insurance. Non-standard insurance encompasses a broader range of customers and risk than standard insurance policies. Non-standard policies vary widely: some do not take into account a credit rating, many policyholders have past violations or a high number of claims, but all non-standard policyholders have a higher degree of risk than standard drivers. Insurance can be incredibly difficult to obtain for a driver who has recently had an accident, or has a history of accidents or incidents. Since these policies are generally more expensive than normal policies, since high-risk drivers are more likely to get into an accident and cost the insurance company money, they can be difficult to afford for drivers who may have had accidents in the past. Affirmative Insurance provides a relatively affordable non-standard insurance for non-standard drivers, allowing them to both obtain insurance and remain in compliance with state insurance laws.

Affirmative Insurance currently offers products in eleven different states: Alabama, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, Michigan, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Texas. Headquartered in Texas, Affirmative offers a wide range of policy options for non-standard drivers, including liability, comprehensive coverage, physical damage only policies, and non-owner policies. Their liability policies include bodily injury liability coverage, which covers medical costs in the event of an injury resulting from an accident as well as coverage in the event of injuries caused to others. In addition, they offer varied policy lengths, starting as low as one to three months and extending to yearly policies.

The company offers a variety of services for its clients, including low payments, immediate coverage for qualified applicants, different monthly payment options, immediate SR-22 certificate of insurance filing, towing and rental coverage, and a wide range of discounts for those qualified. Their website offers prospective customers a variety of services, including the option to request a quote, find an agency, read about different products, and contact their local agent. Customers can also submit an online claim.

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