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Comparing auto insurance quotes from American Service and other carriers can save you a significant amount of money. Evaluating side by side quotes will make your decision easy. Read more about ASI and other car insurance providers serving your state, then request quotes to find a great rate.

In 1983, American Service Insurance Company (ASI) provided personal auto physical damage only coverage in the state of Illinois.

In 1985 personal auto liability coverage was added. Business was originally concentrated in the specialty private passenger auto market in Chicago area and surrounding counties.

American Service Insurance Company has now expanded to include all of Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, Virginia, and Florida, and is rated A- "Excellent" by A.M. Best

ASI's other product lines include light commercial, taxi cab, livery, medi-cars, garage liability, tow truck insurance, and other specialty programs.

ASI is currently licensed in 36 states and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kingsway Financial Services (KFS) whom A.M. Best assigns a rating of A "Excellent." 

The Kingsway Group is the 7th largest Non-standard auto insurance writer in the United States.

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