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Why get a single quote from just one company when you can compare auto insurance quotes from multiple carriers side-by-side? Whether you are car shopping and curious about rates for that new vehicle, or looking to save money on your monthly bills, it pays to compare quotes. Find the best rate between top carriers serving your state.

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If you're a boat enthusiast with some nice toys in your garage, or docked somewhere warm, you're playing with fire if you don't have boat insurance. Don't assume that your watercraft is covered under homeowners insurance, because in most cases, they aren't. In order to insure that you have appropriate insurance coverage for your boat you must fully understand all operational aspects and characteristics of your watercraft.

Who's Covered: It comes down the policy specifics, but in most cases, the policy will cover you, your spouse, or any other household member that have permission to ride the craft. The boat insurance policy will pay for bodily injury or other property damages caused by the watercraft.

Medical Payments: Coverage will pay for the cost of necessary medical treatment that results from an accident involving the watercraft.

Physical Damage: Boat insurance to cover the cost of repair to the watercraft if you are in a collision with another watercraft or object. Boat insurance also provides coverage in cases of theft, vandalism, or fire.

Uninsured Boater: This coverage pays for medical treatment that results from an accident with another watercraft that does not have boat insurance.

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