How Do I Find The Cheapest Auto Insurance Rates?

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What Factors Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates?

In the quest to find the cheapest auto insurance rates in the market, you may also want to research the factors these companies use to determine auto insurance rates. Find out which variables can help you save money and which will ultimately cost you more.

Popular Carriers

Comparing auto insurance rates side-by-side is the best way to find the cheapest rates available.  It has been proven by many studies that there is a wide variation in auto insurance rates from carrier to carrier for similar coverage levels.  Studies shown by Progressive Insurance Company and among others have shown that auto insurance shoppers can save as much as $600 over a 6 month period by shopping for the best rate before they buy. 

Some auto insurance companies do provide additional features for your convenience, such as concierge services for example, and those add-ons as well as, discounts, bundling opportunities, and the financial stability of the auto insurance company should all be considered in addition to the monthly premium when ultimately choosing a policy.

Tips to Find the Cheapest Auto Insurance Policy

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