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The capital of and largest city in Ohio, Columbus is one of several growing Midwestern cities. The city is also home to Ohio State University, one of the largest schools in the nation, with over fifty thousand students. With a large student population and more new residents each year, there is a high likelihood for an automobile accident. Here are some automobile-related statistics for Columbus, Ohio:

  • 24,054 auto accidents in 2008
  • 4,989 vehicle thefts in 2009
  • Average commute time of 22.9 minutes
  • 16% of drivers are uninsured

Columbus has a low vehicle theft rate and low commute time, but a high percentage of uninsured drivers. Combined with the large number of risky student drivers, it makes comprehensive Columbus auto insurance a necessity. The state of Ohio requires all vehicles to be covered by basic insurance to comply with the state's financial responsibility law, which includes the following:

  • Liability Insurance
  • Property Damage Coverage
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Bodily injury liability protects you against claims of other people injured in an accident for which you were at fault. This includes the cost of defending yourself against these claims. Property damage liability pays for damaged caused to the property of others. Uninsured motorist coverage protects you in the event you are hit by a hit and run or uninsured driver. Property damage coverage may include collision and comprehensive coverage. Because of the high prices of vehicles and medical care, minimum insurance coverage may not be enough if you are found liable for causing an accident. Consider purchasing other insurance products if you are an Indianapolis driver, such as collision insurance or uninsured motorist coverage.

It is important to remember to shop for low prices as well as quality service. Many auto insurance companies will adjust your premium based on the location in which your vehicle is registered. Obtaining as many valid discounts as possible is highly recommended. is dedicated to finding reliable and quality Indianapolis automobile insurance quotes.

Principal Bureau of Motor Vehicles locations in Columbus are listed here:

  • 2970 Hayden Rd., Columbus 43235 (614) 766-7769
  • 112 Dillmont Dr., Columbus 43235 (614) 436-6831
  • 1979 Cleveland Ave., Columbus 43211 (614) 297-8211
  • 4503 Kenny Rd., Columbus 43220 (614) 459-4441
  • 267 S. Third St., Columbus 43215 (614) 463-1710
  • 5133 E. Main St., Columbus 43213 (614) 759-7788
  • 4182 Westland Mall, Columbus 43288 (614) 272-2412