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This border city in Texas and seat of El Paso county is home to over half a million vehicle registrations. That many drivers commuting in and out of El Paso on a daily basis, together with a higher number of international drivers, creates a high likelihood of a vehicular incident. Here is a brief look at some auto-related statistics for El Paso Texas:

  • 11,659 auto accidents in 2008
  • 3,234 vehicle thefts in 2009
  • Average commute time of 22.2 minutes
  • 15% of drivers are uninsured

With a high number of uninsured and vehicle thefts, comprehensive El Paso auto insurance is a necessity. However, El Paso does have one of the shortest commute times for a major city in the United States. In order to properly register your automobile in El Paso minimum standard auto insurance must be purchased from a Texas Department of Insurance licensed insurer. The state of Texas has established the minimum requirements in order to register an automobile and receive license plates, which includes the following:

  • Liability Insurance

Texas law requires Texas drivers to pay for accidents that they cause. This can be accomplished by purchasing basic automobile liability insurance to cover both bodily injury and property damage, which is required by state insurance law. This liability coverage protects you from claims made by a third party(ies) alleging negligence or fault on your part. Bodily injury liability insurance, at a minimum, also provides legal defense against such third party claims.

You must also be able to provide proof of insurance, which must be shown, among other instances, when asked for by a law enforcement officer or have an accident. Failure to do so may result in a first conviction fine between $175 and $300, followed by subsequent penalties of greater fines, revocation of your license, and impoundment of your vehicle.

Because of the high prices of vehicles and medical care, minimum insurance coverage may not be enough if you are found liable for causing an accident. Consider purchasing other insurance products if you are a El Paso driver, such as medical payment coverage, personal injury protection, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

It is important to remember to shop for low prices as well as quality service. For for information on the insurance companies with the highest number of complaints in Texas, see the TDI Complaint Information System.

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Most vehicle and title registration services are provided by county tax offices in Texas. Few DMV locations are available, since it only came into existence a few years ago.

Principal Department of Motor Vehicles locations are listed here:

  • 11612 Scott Simpson Dr., El Paso (915) 849-4100
  • 4505 Hondo Pass Dr., El Paso (915) 751-6455
  • 10610 North Loop Dr., Socorro (915) 790-1909
  • 7580 Alameda Ave., El Paso (915) 779-1909
  • 4641 Cohen Ave., El Paso (915) 755-3535
  • 15332 Horizon Blvd., Horizon City (915) 852-2500