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Jacksonville is the largest city in land area in the United States, having merged governments with surrounding Duval County in 1968. Most of Jacksonville's metropolitan population, then, lives within the city limits. Consequently, the six hundred and seventy thousand licensed drivers drive a great deal each year. Here are some automobile-related statistics for Jacksonville, Florida:

  • 3,622 vehicle thefts in 2009
  • Average commute time of 25.3 minutes
  • 23% of drivers are uninsured

Jacksonville has a very low theft rate, the lowest total number of thefts of all major cities. However, it also has the highest number of uninsured drivers, making comprehensive Jacksonville auto insurance a necessity. The state of Florida requires that all vehicles with at least four wheels have a Florida insurance policy to be registered in the state. The minimum insurance requirements to properly register a vehicle include the following:

  • Property Damage Liability
  • Personal Injury Protection

Minimum coverage is a $10,000 personal injury protection and $10,000 property damage liability as long as you have Florida license plates. Property damage liability insurance pays for damages you or a family member cause to other people's property in a motor vehicle accident. However, you are responsible for paying any amount required over the amount covered by your insurance plan. Personal injury protection, also called Florida No-Fault Insurance, covers you and your family for medical costs regardless of fault up to the limit of your policy. Because of the high prices of vehicles and medical care, minimum insurance coverage may not be enough if you are found liable for causing an accident. Consider purchasing other insurance products if you are an Jacksonville driver, such as collision insurance or uninsured motorist coverage.

If you fail to insure your vehicle, the state may suspend your license and registration for up to three years and charge up to a $500 reinstatement fee. In addition, if you only live in Florida for a certain period of time each year, you are still required to keep insurance for the entire registration period of the car or surrender your license plate and registration and reregister upon your return to the state.

It is important to remember to shop for low prices as well as quality service. Many auto insurance companies will adjust your premium based on the location in which your vehicle is registered. Obtaining as many valid discounts as possible is highly recommended. SmartAutoInsurance.com is dedicated to finding reliable and quality Jacksonville automobile insurance quotes.

Principal Department of Motor Vehicles locations are listed here:

  • 1231 E. Forsyth St., Jacksonville 32202
  • 6672 Commonwealth Ave., Jacksonville 32254
  • 3520 Blanding Blvd. #1, Jacksonville 32210
  • 7439 Wilson Blvd., Jacksonville 32210