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Memphis is the largest city in Tennessee and the second largest metropolitan area, just after Nashville. Memphis is also one of the largest cities in the southeastern United States, with over half a million licensed drivers in Shelby County, and its central location has led to much business development, including the headquarters of FedEx. With a large amount of commercial and personal traffic in one city, the likelihood for a motor vehicle accident is increased. Here are some automobile-related statistics for Memphis, Tennessee:

  • 22,391 auto accidents in 2009
  • 4,733 vehicle thefts in 2009
  • Average commute time of 23.7 minutes
  • 20% of drivers are uninsured

Memphis has one of the shortest commute times of all major cities, but a large number of accidents in the metropolitan area. Having comprehensive Memphis auto insurance, then, is a necessity.. The State of Tennessee requires all motor vehicle owners to have minimum amounts of auto liability insurance. Basic Memphis auto insurance is comprised of:

  • Liability Insurance

Bodily injury liability coverage pays for costs due to injury or death of a pedestrian or person(s) in another car, as well as other occupants of your car. Property damage liability covers damage to another person's car or property. This includes the cost of defending yourself against these claims. Because of the high prices of vehicles and medical care, minimum insurance coverage may not be enough if you are found liable for causing an accident. Consider purchasing other insurance products if you are an Memphis driver, such as collision insurance or medical payment coverage.

It is important to remember to shop for low prices as well as quality service. Many auto insurance companies will adjust your premium based on the location in which your vehicle is registered. Obtaining as many valid discounts as possible is highly recommended. is dedicated to finding reliable and quality Memphis automobile insurance quotes.

Principal Bureau of Motor Vehicles locations in Memphis are listed here:

  • 150 Washington Ave. #103, Memphis 38103 (901) 545-4244
  • 3040 Walnut Grove Rd., Memphis 38111 (901) 452-3508
  • 3516 Park Ave., Memphis 38111 (901) 543-7920
  • 6340 Summer Ave., Memphis 38134 (901) 543-4895
  • 3200 E. Shelby Dr., Memphis 38118 (901) 543-7920