Electric Insurance

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Electric Auto Insurance- GE

General Electric had such a high level of employee satisfaction regarding their car insurance plan, that they now offer their auto insurance to the general public.

Take a look at Electric Insurance and other popular carriers to find out which offers the best service at the lowest rate.

Popular Carriers

Electric Insurance Company is a national writer of personal insurance. We were established in 1966 to serve the needs of General Electric employees. We now offer our products to the general public as well.

Given their roots, it's not surprising that they look at the insurance business a little bit differently. It wasn't long before relatives and friends of GE employees noticed how happy they were with their home and car coverage and asked if Electric would provide them with insurance too. Today, individuals and families with no formal ties to General Electric hold more than half of all their polices.

In 2004, Electric received an 'A/Strong' by Standard & Poor's for financial strength, and in 2003 we received an 'A-/Excellent' by AM Best. Electric Insurance has the solid foundation required to offer great rates, superior service and comprehensive support to our policyholders, now and in the future.

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