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Any individual who may be operating a motorized vehicle in the state of Idaho must carry liability insurance, whether the vehicle is registered or not. The minimum amount of liability insurance includes $25,000 for the injury or death of one person, $50,000 for the injury or death of two or more people, and $15,000 to cover any property damage resulting from an accident. Insurance companies and agents may refer to this minimum coverage as 25/50/15. Compare Idaho auto insurance quotes online today to find the right coverage.

When registering, or re-registering, a vehicle in Idaho, you will be asked to sign a statement to certify that your motor vehicle is, and will continue to be insured. This is in accordance with Idaho Code Sections 49-117(18) and 49-1229. You are not, however, obligated to present evidence of your insurance policy at the time of registration. If the Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles demands that you show proof of valid insurance, and you do not have your insurance company issued card, your insurance provider can give you an SR-22 form that serves as a certified statement of liability insurance coverage.

The SR-22 certificate operates as proof of financial responsibility, which basically shows that you have the capability to cover damages in the event of an accident. These regulations were put in place to make sure that individuals can provide compensation for any potential personal injuries or property damages that they may cause on the roads of Idaho. Your insurance needs to provide coverage for the year so please be conscious of the complete dates of your coverage according to your insurance company records.

It is imperative that you carry the proper Idaho auto insurance. Violating these laws will result in serious consequences and are not worth the trouble. Should you be cited for neglecting to maintain coverage, you will be obligated to present proof of financial responsibility for the entire year following your first offense. If you violate the law for a second time, within the subsequent five years, you will need to provide proof of financial responsibility for the next three years. The time and expense involved in violating Idaho's auto insurance laws are not worth the trouble. Take advantage of free quote comparisons online to find the best car insurance rates offered in Idaho.

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