Auto Insurance Discounts

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What Auto Insurance Discounts are Available to Me?

You may be eligible for a variety of auto insurance discounts depending on what state you live in, and who your auto insurance company is.

Popular Auto Insurance Carriers Include

The auto insurance discounts that might be available to you vary greatly depending on not only who your auto insurance policy is with, but also what state you live in.  Some typical auto insurance discounts include: 

Safe Driver Discounts - many states offer deep discounts to drivers who have displayed a history of safe driving.

Car Alarms & Other Safety Equipment - Anti-theft and other tracking devices can save you money on your auto insurance rates because they limit losses experienced by the insurance company.  Similarly, purchasing a car that has the latest safety equipment such as side air bags can save you money as well.

Good Students - Young drivers are considered to be high-risk drivers in the eyes of an insurance company.  However, doing well in school can earn a young driver discounts on their auto insurance rates because the auto insurer may view good grades as a display of responsibility.

Specialized Occupation Discount - In addition to these obvious discounts, drivers also may be eligible for discounts on their auto insurance based on their profession.   Professions such as engineers, scientists, and educators are deemed less risky on average, and justify a discount to some insurance companies.

Defensive Driving Courses- Successful completion of a defensive driving class may earn you discounts in some situations.

It always pays to shop around for the best auto insurance rates before you buy.

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