SR-22 Insurance

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What is SR-22?

SR-22 is a form that is required by some states to reinstate driving privileges to a driver who has lost their license due to being in a car accident without auto insurance coverage or as the result of a DUI.

Popular Auto Insurance Carriers Include

An SR-22 auto insurance policy that shows the DMV proof of insurance for the future.  SR-22 insurance is only required for drivers who have lost their drivers license due to situations like getting in a car accident without carrying auto insurance or receiving a DUI for example.  In order to get their license reinstated, drivers must submit a SR-22 form, this form requires the auto insurance company to certify that the driver is covered, and the insurer must notify the DMV if the policy is ever cancelled or lapses.

Like other non-standard auto insurance policies (high-risk), auto insurance rates for drivers that require an SR-22 form will be higher than for "safe drivers" but rates will likely still vary widely between different auto insurance companies.  You should always compare auto insurance rates from multiple insurers before you purchase a policy.

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