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Iowa takes traffic safety very seriously and state officials are working hard to keep residents and visitors safe when traveling through Iowa. Iowans hope to make significant improvements through its Comprehensive Highway Safety Plan, and has had success. Multi-agency efforts have resulted in 90 percent compliance with the state's mandatory front seat belt use law and has earned the second lowest percentage of alcohol related fatal crashes in the United States. Addressing issues including speed, young drivers, traffic safety enforcement, and motorcycle safety are all factors in the Safety Plan. While Iowans have made respectable headway, accidents still happen. In addition to practicing safe driving habits, drivers need to make sure they are covered by Iowa auto insurance in the event of an accident.

Iowa does not have compulsory insurance laws. Instead, Iowa's Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law outlines owner and driver liability and protection. The Law compels motorists to show financial responsibility when involved in an accident and/or when your driver's license is suspended or revoked. Iowa law protects its citizens from irresponsible parties by suspending drivers who cannot prove financial responsibility after an accident. The state also requires individuals who have a conviction, unsatisfied judgment, or violation of OWI laws to prove financial responsibility in the event of potential future damages or injuries.

After a traffic accident in Iowa, regardless of fault, a report must be filed with the Office of Driver Services within 72 hours of an accident if injuries or property damages are greater than $1,000. However, if a law enforcement officer files a report upon investigation of the accident, it is unnecessary to file a personal accident report yourself. If an accident was your fault and resulted in more than $1,000 in damages to the other party, you will need to prove financial responsibility to avoid having your license suspended. This can be demonstrated in one of the following ways: present evidence of insurance, post cash or the equivalent payable to the Office of Driver Services, get releases from all damaged parties, provide proof of a decision from a civil damage action that relieves you of liability, file an agreement to repay the other parties, execute a warrant for confession of judgment including a payment schedule that has been agreed upon, or file evidence of the total settlement of damages. While Iowa auto insurance is not compulsory, it is the easiest and most practical method of protecting yourself and others in the event of an accident. Compare and find the lowest rates online to prevent the expense and hassle that comes with driving uninsured.

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