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Meadowbrook Insurance Group, Inc. (Meadowbrook) serves as a holding company for Meadowbrook, Inc., Star Insurance Company (Star), Savers Property and Casualty Insurance Company (Savers) and American Indemnity Insurance Company, Ltd. (American Indemnity). Meadowbrook's four wholly owned domestic insurance company subsidiaries, Star, Savers, Ameritrust, and Williamsburg (collectively referred to as the Insurance Company Subsidiaries), issue insurance policies. Through the Insurance Company Subsidiaries, the Company engages in specialty risk management programs, where it takes underwriting risks in exchange for premiums. The Insurance Company Subsidiaries primarily focus on specialty programs designed specifically for trade groups and associations, whose members are homogeneous in nature. Member insureds are typically small to medium-sized businesses. Meadowbrook's programs focus on select classes of property/casualty business.

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