Motorcycle Insurance 101

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Save Money on Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Insurance companies will consider the type of motorcycle you own, your age & experience, your training and your driving history when setting your motorcycle insurance rate.

Please review our Motorcycle Insurance 101 section to find out how you can get a lower motorcycle insurance rate.

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Find the best motorcycle insurance coverage while at the same time saving money by educating yourself on how the motorcycle insurance company will view you. First, to find the best and cheapest; rates you must understand motorcycle insurance rating factors:

Your Motorcycle: If you ride a new sport/racing model motorcycle that will cost you typically be far more expensive than an older, basic motorcycle.

Your Experience: As with auto insurance, usually the older you are the cheaper your rates will be. But, if you are new to operating motorcycles you will probably be in a higher rate category until you gain some riding experience. As you gain experience your motorcycle insurance premium should decline, provided you don't have any accidents etc. over the that period of time.

Your Driving History: Your motorcycle insurance rates are also affected by the way you drive your automobile. Any auto insurance claims that are attached to your drivers license will also affect your motorcycle insurance rate. An clean driving record will lower the premium for your motorcycle insurance coverage.

Motorcycle Training: DMV or other safe motorcycle riding classes will lower your motorcycle insurance rate. Keep the forms handy to show your insurer and be sure to periodically take a refresher course.


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