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Mountain Laurel Assurance Company, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a subsidiary company of Progressive Insurance. The firm specializes in underwriting motor vehicle insurance policies for Progressive. The ratings agency Standard & Poor's recently gave Mountain Laurel Assurance Company a financial strength rating of AA with a stable outlook. Additionally, S&P game Mountain Laurel an issuer credit rating of AA, again, with a stable outlook. Mountain Laurel Assurance underwrites motor vehicle policies for Progressive Insurance. The company specializes in auto, boat, commercial, motorcycle, and recreational vehicle insurance products.

Mountain Laurel, in association with Progressive, can help determine the amount of coverage you need, how much you can pay if you have a claim, and getting the best value for your money. Automobile insurance products include bodily injury and property damage liability, comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, and other optional types of coverage that may or may not fit your unique situation, such as accessory coverage, rental reimbursement, and pet injury coverage. For more information, visit Mountain Laurel Assurance at 1635 Market St, Philadelphia, PA, or visit the Progressive Direct website.

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