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New Hampshire

Review auto insurance quotes from our New Hampshire partners. Our quote comparison service will save you time and frustration when seeking NH auto insurance coverage.

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Generally speaking, New Hampshire operates with minimal regulation. New Hampshire auto insurance regulations are no exception. The state does not require all motor vehicle owners to carry auto insurance. While the state encourages anyone who can obtain auto insurance to do so, it is not mandatory. Certain drivers, however, are required to purchase liability insurance. Reasons you may be obligated to purchase a policy are because you have had convictions or violations including Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charges, or have had many DMV Demerit Points. If this is the case, the state will mail you a notice informing you of your insurance requirements.

If you are obligated to carry New Hampshire auto insurance, your insurance carrier will need to complete an SR-22 form to verify that you have coverage. If you have had one DWI conviction, you will need to carry liability insurance for three years. After a second offense, you will need to maintain auto insurance for five years. If your license was suspended, you may have to purchase insurance and an SR-22 will be submitted to the Division of Motor Vehicles. Most traffic violations call for an SR-22 certificate.

Who else has to have New Hampshire auto insurance? Most vehicles have a lien on them, which means they likely have auto insurance already. Most New Hampshire drivers carry insurance for their own protection, but unless the state notifies you of a violation, you are free to choose whether to invest in collision and/or liability insurance.

As of July 2008, the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles began issuing new motor vehicle registrations at its Concord headquarters. These new registrations will be phased in at all DMV locations. New Hampshire has 1.4 million registered vehicles. With the exception of boats, all vehicles will be subject to the new registration process including cars, trucks, motorcycles and commercial vehicles. The new driver's licenses are expected to reduce identity theft and help to improve law enforcement for individuals under the age of 21. The new 'under 21' licenses will be designed vertically rather than horizontally for quick and easy identification.

Just because you may not be required by law to obtain New Hampshire auto insurance does not mean it is any less important that you do so. Compare car insurance rates online to find auto insurance that will protect your finances in the event of an accident.

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