Non Standard Auto Insurance (High Risk)

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Learn More About Non-Standard High Risk Auto Insurance

Have you had a number of accidents or insurance claims recently? There are a number of reasons why an auto insurance company may consider you high risk.

If you are considered an inexperienced driver or own a sportscar, please read more about high risk status and learn how you can obtain the auto insurance coverage you need.

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Shopping for auto insurance can be difficult for drivers who have been recently involved in a serious accident, or who may have had a number of claims, accidents or motor vehicle violations in the recent past. Additionally, even if you've had none of the issues mentioned above you still may be considered to be above average risk in the eyes of an Auto Insurance Company. For example, if you are an inexperienced driver or the owner of a high performance sports car many companies are unwilling to insure you drivers at standard or preferred rates.

In light of this situation, a market has emerged in recent years for "Non-standard" auto insurance. Non-standard auto insurance is insurance for those drivers whose underwriting experience makes it difficult or impossible to obtain insurance at standard or preferred rates, but who are acceptable risks to certain companies at a higher premium. As with most types of insurance, there can be large variations in price when shopping for "Non-standard" insurance, and it is well worth a consumer's time to seek several auto insurance quotes.

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