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The North Carolina Department of Transportation studies traffic accidents to identify trends and implement changes that will ultimately keep its citizens safer on the roads. The 2004 Composite Crash Picture gives us an idea of what the accident trends were in North Carolina during that calendar year. 2004 experienced a 1.4 percent increase in persons killed, as compared to 2003. Motor vehicle accidents were responsible for 1,574 deaths and 132,651 persons injured. The number of persons injured actually decreased by 1 percent as compared to 2003. There were 230,577 traffic accidents reported, which was a 3 percent decrease from 2003. 31.3 percent of these crashes involved only one vehicle. For every 84 persons injured, one person was fatally injured. The leading cause of accidents was speeding. 1 of every 19 licensed vehicles was involved in an accident. As of 2004, there were 6,521,465 licensed drivers in the state and 7,433,528 licensed vehicles. The ramifications of a car accident are bad enough without having to worry about your finances. Make sure that you satisfy at least the minimum requirements for North Carolina auto insurance.

North Carolina was one of the first states in the country to mandate liability insurance coverage on motor vehicles. For as long as your vehicle is registered, you will need to maintain and carry proof of insurance. Acceptable forms of proof of insurance include your company name and policy number, if you're providing insurance for yourself, or an insurance certificate from a company licensed to do business in North Carolina. Before you can register, or title, your vehicle, you'll need to obtain a minimum of $30,000 bodily injury coverage for one person; $60,000 bodily injury coverage for two or more people; and $25,000 of property damage coverage.

North Carolina auto insurance laws require insurance companies to inform the Division of Motor Vehicles when a policy has been cancelled. Should your insurance coverage lapse for any reason, you will receive a notice known as a Form FS 5-7 from the DMV. At this point, you will have a 10 day window of opportunity to respond. If you did not, in fact, have a lapse in coverage, just enter your information on the form and send it back to the DMV within the allotted time period. If you did have a lapse in coverage, you will need to be recertified and pay $50 within the 10 day period. What happens if you don't respond to the notice? You will lose your license plates for 30 days. If this happens, you will have to pay a penalty fee, processing fee and license plate fee to get your license reinstated. Maintain North Carolina auto insurance at all times to avoid penalties. Compare the leading North Carolina auto insurance companies online to save time and money.

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