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Pennsylvania's Department of Transportation has a Highway Safety and Traffic Engineering program charged with the mission of advancing effective highway safety and congestion management efforts to meet the needs of Pennsylvanians. Pennsylvania consists of 67 counties with 2,500 municipalities. Winding throughout these counties, there are more than 121 thousand miles of roads and highways. 67 percent of these are maintained by local municipalities and other entities, while 33 percent are state highways that are maintained by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). The Pennsylvania State Police and the local police departments work together to investigate traffic crashes that occur on Pennsylvania's roads. The compiled information helps these public safety officials identify and address traffic safety issues.

In 2007, 130,675 traffic accidents reportedly occurred on the roads of Pennsylvania. These accidents resulted in 1,491 people losing their lives. Additionally, 94,633 people were injured. Even considering these staggering numbers, 2007 saw the second lowest number of traffic crashes in the last fifteen years, second only to 2006 which saw 128,342. Throughout the year, there were more than 108 billion vehicle miles travelled on the state's highways and roads. The 2007 fatality rate of 1.38 deaths for every 100 million vehicle miles travelled was the lowest recorded fatality rate in Pennsylvania history, since PennDOT began keeping records in 1935. In 2007, a person was killed every six hours. Each day, 259 people were injured in Pennsylvania auto accidents.

With an average 358 reported traffic crashes every day, it is no mystery why Pennsylvania auto insurance is mandatory. If you live in Pennsylvania and drive a car, you must carry liability insurance. Your auto insurance policy needs to cover at least $15 thousand for injury or death of one person per accident, $30 thousand for injury or death of more than one person per accident, and $5 thousand for property damage. If you do not maintain an active insurance policy with adequate coverage, you will be penalized with a $300 fine, suspension of your driver's license and registration, and significant reinstatement fees. Driving safe begins with acquiring the proper amount of Pennsylvania auto insurance.

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