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Rhode Island is the smallest of the 50 states with about 1,545 square miles of land area. According to the United States Census of 2005, Rhode Island had a population of approximately 1,076,189. As of 1993, Rhode Island has required its vehicle owners and drivers to maintain auto insurance. When you register a vehicle with the state, you will need to sign a statement attesting that you will maintain Rhode Island auto insurance throughout your registration. Under Rhode Island's tort system, you will be held responsible for any physical or property damages inflicted on another party if the accident was your fault. You are required to carry at least $25 thousand for bodily injury of another person, and $50 thousand bodily injury per accident, as well as $25 thousand in property damage coverage. Neglecting to present proof of your auto insurance policy is also a violation of the law. If you are caught driving without Rhode Island auto insurance, your license will be revoked.

Approximately 68 percent of motor vehicle accident deaths in the state of Rhode Island were because of roadway departures, while 28 percent were intersection related, 6 percent involved large trucks, and 15 were fatalities of non-motorists including pedestrians and bike riders. Of 104 people killed in motor vehicle accidents, 52 percent were passengers in cars and 19 percent were light truck passengers. The State of Rhode Island is currently addressing seat belt use and drunk driving issues to better protect its citizens.

The Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles can assist you with your car registration, renewals, title transfers, smog and emission checks, license plates and can provide vehicle history reports. Stay on top of all vehicle related issues by maintaining relevant paperwork and ensuring that your insurance agent is doing his or her job of keeping the DMV informed that your auto insurance has not lapsed. A small miscommunication can lead to big repercussions if you are pulled over or involved in a traffic accident. Protect your bank account from the huge expenses that can result from an accident. Find free online quotes for auto insurance in Rhode Island.

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