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Tennessee law requires all drivers to comply with financial responsibility regulations, but the state does not obligate drivers to carry Tennessee auto insurance. The financial responsibility law states that you must carry evidence that, in the event of an accident, you could cover the expense of damages. The most practical method of compliance is to purchase Tennessee auto insurance, but there are other options. If you do not, or cannot, acquire auto insurance, you can prove financial responsibility through an SR-22 Form. An SR-22 can be provided by any Tennessee authorized liability insurance company. If you need to obtain a DUI restricted license, you will have to use an SR-22 Form for that as well. Your insurance company or agent must complete the form and submit it to the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance.

If you are asked for proof of valid insurance, by a law enforcement officer during a traffic stop or following an accident, you will need to present an insurance card or statement from a Tennessee-licensed insurer, or a Department of Safety (DOS) statement that proves you have posted a deposit or bond to meet the requirements established by the law. In recent years, two amendments have been made to these laws. As of January 1st, 2002, law enforcement officers will ask for proof of financial responsibility in the event of a moving violation or traffic accident, without regard for who is at fault. As of July 2nd, 2003, the Tennessee courts will dismiss your violation for a lack of financial responsibility if you secure it before the date of your hearing. If you do not rectify the matter before your court date, a stop will be placed on your vehicle. The stop on your vehicle will prevent you from being able to register it until you have obtained financial responsibility. Non-compliance with Tennessee auto insurance and financial responsibility law is a Class C misdemeanor. Penalties for this violation include a $100 fine and a suspended license.

The State of Tennessee offers its citizens a method of obtaining information concerning the liability insurance of another person who was involved in an accident and a way to show evidence of that individual's future financial responsibility. The Financial Responsibility Affidavits will inform you when another person files a report of liability insurance with regard to a specific traffic accident. Forms can be requested via mail or in person at the Department of Safety Office. Necessary information includes the date and county in which the accident occurred, as well as the name and driver's license number of the individual involved in the accident. The most effective method of protecting your finances and avoiding penalties is to get Tennessee auto insurance. Protect yourself from unexpected expenses and legal trouble by finding a policy today.

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