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Taking a few moments to compare car insurance rates from Universal Casualty to those from other providers can save you hundreds of dollars.

Evaluate coverage offered by Universal Casualty and other insurers in your state to find the insurance you want.

Popular Carriers

Universal Casualty Auto Insurance is a division of Kingsway America, Inc. The companies have been in business for over twenty years. Kingsway, in addition to servicing Universal Casualty Insurance products, also provides services for American Service Insurance as well. Kingsway and Universal Casualty specialize in writing personal auto insurance products for especially high risk drivers that other insurance companies may reject. Based in Chicago, Kingsway and Universal Casualty also offer commercial auto insurance coverage, auto repair shop coverage, and long haul trucking insurance, according to Hoover's.

As a casualty insurance company, Universal and Kingsway typically offer higher than normal rates for its clients. However, this results from its riskier-than-average clientele. The ability to purchase insurance if you do not have a clean driving record is important, as you still need to insure your automobiles in compliance with state regulations. Universal Casualty Auto Insurance is one good option for those drivers who may have been rejected due to their at risk status. Kingsway, Inc. can be visited online.

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