Vermont Auto Insurance

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Vermont auto insurance laws are very clear; driving without auto insurance coverage is just as much of a violation as driving without your license. Vermont Annotated Code Chapter 23 mandates that all drivers are required to carry the proper insurance. You must maintain liability insurance for $25 thousand to cover the death or injury of one person, $50 thousand for the death or injury of more than one person, and $10 thousand to cover any property damage. It is equally important to carry proof of your active policy in your car at all times. If a police officer asks you for evidence of insurance and you cannot present it at the time, you will be given 20 days to provide proof before being subjected to penalties. If you are caught without auto insurance, you will receive a ticket, be charged a $100 fine, and have two points added to your license. Another consequence of being uninsured is that you will be required to file proof of Financial Responsibility Insurance with the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles.

In addition to the penalties mentioned above, your license will be revoked by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles if you are driving uninsured while in one of the following situations: when involved in an accident, fleeing a collision, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driving a car without the consent of the car's owner, driving while your license is suspended or when it has already been revoked, or while driving in a reckless manner that results in the death of another person.

The Strategic Highway Safety Plan for Vermont works to minimize the occurrence and severity of automobile crashes, for the purpose of decreasing human suffering as well as economic losses that result from such accidents. Vermont hopes to reduce the number of major accidents to 350 per year, or less, by 2010, thereby seeing 40 fewer fatalities and 26 fewer incapacitating injuries each year. Don't let a car accident decimate your finances. Be prepared with a sufficient Vermont auto insurance policy. Compare companies and rates online.

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