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The West Virginia Division of Highways is charged with the responsibility of planning, engineering, right-of way acquisition, construction, reconstruction, traffic regulation and maintenance. The WVDOH manages over 34 thousand miles of state roads and handles highway research, safety and weight enforcement, outdoor advertising contiguous to state roads, dissemination of highway information, and roadside development. The West Virginia Department of Transportation records and studies crash data to use for the purpose of improving safety and decreasing fatalities, injuries and property damage incurred in traffic accidents. In 2003, there were 51,376 crashes in West Virginia. 16,763 of these were injury crashes, 364 were fatal crashes, and 34,249 resulted in property damage only. There were 44,537 accidents on the highway, 6,433 on city streets, and 406 on other road types. These accidents were responsible for 396 fatal injuries and an approximate economic loss of $3,717,882,600. The largest percentage of accidents occurred in the month of January. Friday was the most dangerous driving day of the week, with 16.98 percent of all crashes. Most accidents occurred on dry, straight and level roads. The great majority of crashes were caused by a driver failing to maintain control of his or her vehicle. As of 2003, West Virginia had 1.2 million licensed drivers and 1.6 million motor vehicle registrations. West Virginia sees over 19 billion vehicle miles travelled each year. 92.44 percent of the vehicles involved in accidents were insured, while 4.32 percent were uninsured, with an additional 3.24 percent not reported.

West Virginia operates under a Compulsory Insurance Law which requires all registered vehicles to maintain a certain amount of liability insurance. When you register or re-register your vehicle, you must sign a statement attesting to the fact that your vehicle is insured. Like in most states, you must carry proof of your insurance policy at all times. All registered vehicles are subject to random verification. The minimum amount of coverage you must have on each vehicle is $10 thousand for property damages, $20 thousand to cover one injury or death per accident, and $40 thousand to cover more than one injury or death resulting from an accident.

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