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All Wisconsin drivers must maintain financial responsibility, either by purchasing Wisconsin auto insurance or through a bond that proves you will have the financial capability to handle any expenses that come from an accident. Wisconsin auto insurance regulations call for a minimum of $25 thousand for personal injury, $50 thousand for death, and $10 thousand for property damages. Auto insurance must be purchased from a company authorized to do business in Wisconsin. Drivers will have to present proof of insurance to reinstate a driver's license if that person's driving privileges or vehicle registration was revoked, to reinstate driving privileges after a license suspension that was the result of a damage judgment or a violation of the safety responsibility law, or for drivers under 18 years of age, in lieu of a sponsor. Typically, Wisconsin drivers who wish to renew a driver's license or register a vehicle will not be obligated to present proof. If you choose not to buy a Wisconsin auto insurance policy, you can still drive your vehicle legally by placing a cash deposit in the amount of $60 thousand with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

In 2006, 712 people lost their lives in Wisconsin motor vehicle accidents, this means that an average of more than two people were killed each day of the year. Over 50 thousand individuals were injured in reported accidents. There were 35,296 reported injury crashes and 659 fatal crashes. Of the 712 fatalities, 9 percent were not drivers or passengers, but bicycle riders and pedestrians. Another 13 percent were motorcycle drivers and passengers. Of the 2006 traffic fatalities, 43 percent were killed in alcohol related accidents, 37 percent were killed in speed related accidents, and 20 percent were killed when both alcohol and speed were factors. In crashes where safety belt use could be determined, 59 percent of persons killed in car and truck crashes were not using seat belt restraints. 74 percent of motorcyclists who were killed were not wearing helmets. 59 percent of all crashes happened outside of the state highway and Interstate, on county truck roads and local roads. 87 percent of these accidents were responded to by the city police and county sheriffs. In 2006, there were 5.3 million registered vehicles in Wisconsin, a 1 percent decrease from 2005. There was a 0.4 percent increase in the number of licensed drivers from 2005 to 2006.

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