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Wyoming auto insurance regulations call for $25 thousand per person for bodily injury, $50 thousand per accident for bodily injury, and $20 thousand per accident for property damage. Insurance agents may describe this type of coverage as 25/50/20. Any person operating a vehicle on the highways or roads of Wyoming must maintain valid insurance coverage in at least these amounts. In order to register your automobile, you will be required to present proof of this coverage. Wyoming has abandoned its 'no fault' system. Therefore, if you are found responsible for an accident, your insurance company is obligated to cover the expenses. This applies to your damages and may also apply to the damages of the other driver or drivers involved, depending on your coverage.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation reported 17,429 traffic accidents in 2007. 149 people lost their lives and 6,620 people were injured of the 25,567 people involved in crashes. 27,647 vehicles were involved in these incidents. The estimated population of Wyoming is 522,830. The approximate expense resulting from these accidents was $440,657,800. Most of these accidents occurred on Fridays and the highest accident rate was seen in the month of December. Natrona County had the most crashes and Niobrara County had the least crashes. Sweetwater County had the most fatal crashes while Goshen, Hot Springs and Washakie had the least fatal crashes. The leading type of fatal crash was an overturned motor vehicle. 46 of the fatal crashes were alcohol-related. 28 crashes involved school buses and 457 crashes involved motorcycles.

2008 marks the 75th anniversary of the Wyoming Highway Patrol. 207 uniformed officers and a large number of personnel work every day to make the Wyoming highways safer for travellers. Throughout the average year, Wyoming troopers will travel more than 5 million miles while patrolling the 6,500 miles of the state's highway system, writing thousands of citations for traffic violations, and investigating more than 6,000 automobile crashes, in order to make the Wyoming highways safer. You can do your part to make the state's highways and roads safer by acting responsibly when operating your motor vehicle. In the unfortunate event of an accident, make sure that you have the insurance coverage you need to avoid financial and legal ramifications. Shop online for Wyoming auto insurance and compare quotes with no obligation to buy.

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